Terms & Conditions

It is hereby stated that this site and booking engine, is owned and operated by Rideandhire.com Services, owner and operator of rideandhire.com

By using the booking service directly from Rideandhire.com services or other distribution channels i.e. affiliated websites, and accepting the disclaimer you agree to be bound to the following terms & conditions:


Rideandhire.com Services makes available for the internet users, direct clients and agents, data and services offered by collaborating parties. Through this reservation system the end user can book and pay his/her transfer to the available destinations around the globe.
All of these services & products are bound by the current terms and conditions. Additionally, each service that becomes available as a result of using the current web application is also bound by the terms and conditions of the local collaborating party supplying the service (taxi firm, individual drivers, transfer companies). The terms of each local service supplier are at the clients disposal if requested.
Rideandhire.com Services will not be held accountable for any issues arising from a service provided by a collaborating party other than the ones booked through the reservation system. In case of any disagreement or if any of these terms fail to fully satisfy you in any way, your authorization to use this web site or any related service, automatically ends.


Upon completion of the reservation you will receive two emails…

Confirmation Email

It’s the clients’ responsibility to notify us in the event of not receiving the confirmation e-mail or in the case that any of the booking details have been entered inaccurately. All the details you have entered/or request to be entered in the booking process will be displayed, in detail, in the confirmation e-mail as well as at the last page after the payment. Please print and keep this information for your records..
Any changes to the transfer details will be subject to the amendment fees below. Further more any cancellations will be subject to the cancellation fees below. Please note: at the last step of the booking process all booking details will be fully displayed for review before the process is completed and the transfer will be confirmed. Please take this opportunity to correct any errors.

Payment receipt

Upon transaction completion your credit card will be charged automatically. Your transaction will show on your statement as Taxi & Limo of Thessaloniki. An instant payment receipt will be sent to your email address (as entered in the booking process), which confirms that the transaction has been completed.


A. Amendments for 11 days or more prior to your transfer no charge.
B. Amendments from 10 to 4 days prior to your transfer 5 EUR.
C. Amendments from 3 last days – prior to your transfer 10 EUR. Amendments for last 48 hours prior to your arrival cannot be guaranteed.
D. Please note: You can freeze a booking and use it for any future journey within 6 months of the original booking. (If you do not use the service within this period you will not be liable for any refund) Freezing your booking will incur a cost of 10 EUR. Freezing option is not available for any notification shorter than 48hours prior to the service being delivered. You may freeze your transfer only once.
Important note: Although every effort will be made to meet last minute amendment requests (last 48 hours), including requests for routes not available in our system, extra vehicles, etc, no guarantee can be given.


Cancellation requests must be received in writing by email. In all cancellation cases, you will be charged 5% of the initial fare plus the following charges:

A. No administration fees for Cancellations from 20 days or more prior to your transfer.

B. Cancellations between 19 to 10 days prior to your transfer a 10 EUR administration fee will apply.

C. Cancellations between 9 to 2 days prior your transfer a 20 EUR , administration fee will apply.

D. There will be no refund for cancellations 48 hours prior to your transfer or non shows at the time of your scheduled transfer.


We monitor all transport arrivals for any possible delays therefore we will wait until you arrive. In the unlikely event that the driver and client can not meet in the specified area, we will try to locate the client via a phone call.

However it is the clients’ responsibility to provide a correct and valid mobile telephone number (incl. International code) at the time of the booking. Failing to do so means that the client assumes responsibility for calling Rideandhire.com Services and informing us of any delays or problems locating the driver.

There will be no refund i) if the client does not supply a valid telephone number and fails to contact our 24hr emergency telephone number (printed on the confirmation email and voucher), resulting in a missed transfer, ii) failing to provide correct travel details (flight numbers, time, etc) might result in missing the transfer, as we will not have correct details to monitor your arrival.

In the event that an extra vehicle is needed (ie excessive or oversized luggage, additional passengers, etc) additional charges for the extra/different vehicle will apply.

Unusual requests, not included in the booking engine, are always welcome and our team will endeavor to meet them. There can’t be any guarantee that these requests can be met.

The paid amount covers all possible charges including waiting time after flight landing.


Rideandhire.com Services cannot be held responsible for any claims exceeding the amount paid by the individual. In the unlikely event that the service is not delivered, the client might only be entitled to compensation up to the amount that has already been paid. No other claims can in any case be raised.
Please note, in all destinations, drivers reserve the right to deny embarkation to the vehicles in the event of inebriated or misbehaved clients. There cannot be any refund for these cases and in the event of damages there may be prosecution and damage claims.


Regarding all insurance matters in respect to the distributed services it is clearly stated and accepted that since Rideandhire.com Services collaborates only with vehicles for which insurance coverage is obligated by law, the responsibility fully lies on the vehicle ownership.


Rideandhire.com Services ensures confidential handling of all customer data received. Your online payments are secured with ssl certificates verified by PAYPAL.


All of our travel services, design, code, graphics, etc of the current web page are protected by copyright and by intellectual property laws. Any use without prior written authorization is in breach of the related law. Unless clearly stated in writing, Rideandhire.com Services and its’ associates do not permit anyone to use any property in relation to patents, trademarks, or commercial information displayed.

Rideandhire.com Services retains all rights to adjust and change the terms and conditions at any time. The usage of this service will always conform to the most recent terms and conditions displayed on line.
In the event of a dispute concerning a service or any of these terms, Greek courts have exclusive jurisdiction.